Wasted Spark Board Installation Service in EZ116K EZK Box

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This is not a physical product - this is a service!

Price is for installation of the Buchka wasted spark board into an EZ116K ("EZK box"). After purchase we will send you an address, to which you'll need to ship your EZK box. We will perform the installation of the wasted spark board including soldering wires and securing the board in place.

You can to provide your 2-pin or 4-pin connector of choice for the new spark output wires, or check with us - we may have connectors in stock. A 4-pin connector is needed if planning to use the launch control feature, otherwise a 2-pin is all that's necessary for the wasted spark to function.

You will need to either provide your wasted spark board if you already have one, or you will need to purchase a wasted spark board from us on the site if you don't have one yet.

The shipping charge is for shipping the finished wasted spark EZK back to you after the installation is complete. Please enter your shipping address and choose your preferred method.

This is a customizable service, so if you have questions or special requests, please ask!


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