The Hüco Ignition Module is shown from the top. This example was made in Germany. A 6-pin connector is at bottom, for connecting to the system.

Hüco Ignition Module

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This is equivalent to an OE Volvo multi-channel ignition module from a 6-cylinder 960 or V90. Two of the output stages in this module can be used to trigger the twin-output coils in a Bosch Motorsport (or equivalent) 2x2 coil pack. Also known as a "power stage" or "igniter," this module amplifies the low-current signal from the EZK, and fires the coil. The stock LH2.4/EZK system has a single-output module, meaning you can either double up on those modules, or use one of these. We like the 960 module because it makes for a simpler, cleaner installation. Hüco modules are made in both Germany and India.