The Bosch Motorsport 2x2 coil pack is shown from the side. 4 posts at top are for connecting spark plug wires. Connector at right is for power, ground, and spark signal wires.

Bosch Motorsport 2x2 Coil Pack

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We recommend using this Bosch Motorsport 2x2 "Double Fire" wasted spark ignition coil with the Buchka Engineering Wasted Spark Conversion Board. This is the only ignition coil we have found with documented dwell characteristics that match the built-in dwell on the Bosch / Volvo EZ116K ignition system. The output posts on this coil will fit the stock style plug wires from a Volvo 740 or 940 (or early 960 with the 4-cylinder turbo Redblock). The stock style Volvo 240 plug wires will not fit without modification. The 740/940 style terminals can be installed on the end of 240 plug wires, if you're in a DIY mood - it's not too difficult.

This 2x2 coil pack has no integrated transistor and requires an ECU with internal ignition power stages, which is how the stock EZK system is configured. The advantage of this coil is that the ECU needs only two internal ignition power stages (or one Volvo 960 style multi-output power stage) for supplying a 4- cylinder engine.

Bosch part no. 0 221 503 407